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Xero is an accounting software platform that can be tailored to your business. You can use it as a simple ledger, or integrate hundreds of business-related apps into your financial practices. As one of only a handful of Xero-certified accountants in the Phoenix area, Xcellent uses this platform to help small businesses thrive.

Partners in Value

Our experts are prepared to seamlessly transition your financial operations to the Xero platform, whether you choose to take advantage of one specific service or a comprehensive package. We provide xcellent support with:

  • Launching Xero and any of its add-on apps to help your business
  • Designing a business plan that takes advantage of cost-effective, results-driven technology
  • Converting your Quickbooks records with Xero’s easy conversion tool
  • Setting up and maintaining your books weekly, monthly and quarterly

You can take up the helm of your Xero account or leave all the details up to us. We are your partners in transparent, insightful accounting and consulting.


Using Xero's web-enabled, mobile-friendly app, you can send invoices to customers, create expense claims, or categorize your bank transactions in seconds whenever and wherever you happen to be. Xero's full-service accounting includes:

  • User-friendly dashboard: On web or mobile screens, easily navigate to the information you need.
  • Fast Invoicing: Create professional-looking recurring invoices and then receive updates when the client opens them.
  • Quick Bank Reconciliation: Xero takes your banking, PayPal, and credit card transactions, imports them and then categorizes them.
  • Payroll Management: You and your employees can easily track and report working hours, leave, payslips, taxes, and timesheets.
  • Bill Pay: Receive, pay and store bills electronically, create repeating bills and assign costs to the relevant customer.
  • Customizable reporting: Track key indicators with up-to-date, accessible reports.
  • Expandable Services: Need something unique to run your business more effectively? Xero offers over 300 cloud-based add-ons to meet any need, and Xcellent accounting can hone in on the ones best suited for your business.

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