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Corporate and Individual Tax Prep & Planning

If you ignore income tax planning or put off thinking about taxes until it’s time to meet with your accountant, you might be losing money. At Xcellent Accounting & Consulting, we understand small business execs are pressed for time. Our experts quickly and thoroughly review your records to make sure you never pay more than you owe.

What is Income Tax Planning?

We review your tax options and determine steps you can take to reduce or even eliminate some of the taxes you owe. While many tax planners offer annual services, regular consultations keep your options open and allow you to make money-saving adjustments in real time.

Accessible Data

The best tax planning isn't done just once a year. Instead, to strategize effectively, you need to look at your income regularly and make ongoing adjustments. XCellent Accounting & Consulting provides up-to-date financial records, available 24/7 on our secure, industry-leading platform.

Tax Preparation

While Xcellent does not submit taxes, we prepare all of your forms for your existing tax professional, paying particular attention to ways your specific business can save money. If you don't have a CPA, we will refer you to our experienced network of trusted professionals.

Xcellent Insights

We focus on giving you Xcellent service on timely financial information so that you can focus on customers and growing your business. We possess experience in a variety of industries, so we provide unique analyses tailored to your business. Don’t let income taxes blunt your competitive edge. Contact us to make and adapt a superior income tax plan.


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