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Tax Forms

Preparing taxes can be a tedious time sink for SMBs. With all the work you have to do, why not hire Xcellent to be your virtual CFO?

Xcellent Accounting and Consulting assists with:

  • Individual tax planning
  • Sole proprietorship and partnership businesses
  • LLC tax filing
  • S and C corporation requirements
  • Sales and use tax filing preparation
  • Payroll preparation for W-2, 941 and 944 forms
  • Form 1099 preparation

When tax season comes, or when you have a review or audit, we will refer you to our network of experienced CPAs or prepare and deliver your financial information to your existing tax professional. XCellent Accounting and Consulting saves you time and money by making sure all of your tax forms are correctly filled out and fully prepared. It’s important to us that you avoid paying more than you owe, avoid missing out on exemptions and subsidies and avoid facing entanglements with the IRS. If you do prepare your own financial reports, our tax services are available at a reduced fee.


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