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Payroll Tax Services

Payroll errors snag one-third of small business owners with potentially crippling penalties. The IRS targets small businesses under the presumption that owners try to cut costs by evading taxes, and applies severe penalties to those found not to be in compliance with tax regulations. Xcellent Accounting & Consulting wants you to avoid the headache and heartache of being audited for past due, misreported or missing payroll taxes.

Tax Planning

Prevent expensive IRS audits with an organized tax plan that safeguards you against audit triggers.

Payroll Recordkeeping

As a business, you need to keep consistent, accurate records. Estimating figures raises hackles at the IRS and can lead to an audit, so don’t guess or round numbers up or down.

Benefits and Withholdings

Rules concerning employee benefits and other withholdings are complex and sometimes change. Xcellent knows how to navigate tax regulations and avoid costly errors.

Business Forecasting

Payroll taxes require you to keep personal details about your employees as well as complete records of all salary, sick pay, goods, services and other benefit expenses. Xcellent payroll tax services go beyond helping you avoid audits. Our expert consultants and clear reports:

  • Highlight expenditures concerning each employee.
  • Reveal the true costs associated with personnel.
  • Recommend process improvement.
  • Streamline HR procedures.
  • Contain costs without violating federal and state regulations.

Cloud-Based Convenience

Xcellent is one of only a handful of Xero Certified Accountants in the Phoenix area. Using Xero gives you:

  • 24/7 access to employee records.
  • Accurate, transparent calculations and time tracking.
  • Automated tax withholding.
  • Regular and automatic updates of records and forms.
  • Reports and filing as often as you need them.

The bottom line? Our Xero-certified professionals can save you time, money and stress. Partner with us to keep your records tidy, avoiding common payroll pitfalls and saving money in the long term.


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